Innovative Leaders in Water Treatment Systems for the Home

Water for your family’s health


For over 60 years, Puronics® has helped thousands of consumers by providing them with efficient, high quality water filtration systems for the freshest water possible.

Our products condition and purify millions of gallons of water every year.
Puronics® Consumer Water Products deliver.

Some of the numerous benefits of the systems are:

  • Reducing operating expenses
  • Savings on energy
  • Savings on plumbing repairs and general maintenance

The highest quality water treatment systems

When it comes to the health and well being of their families and loved ones, our customers appreciate the care we have taken in ensuring they get the best water.

Advanced technologies ensure that contaminants are removed and only clean water is running throughout your home. Puronics® systems use various filtering technologies such as:

  • Micro-filtration
  • Ultra filtration
  • Carbon filtration
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Ultraviolet disinfection or sterilization
  • Bacteriostatic water conditioning and filtering

Our products are tested and certified to ensure you have the safest water possible.
Get the most advanced system for your requirements:


      • Whole House Systems: Gives you high quality water throughout your house.
      • Drinking Systems: Clean water is a must for your family.
      • Problem Water: Do you have objectionable smells, tastes, or do you have staining from your water? We have systems to solve a variety of water problems.

To give you the best service possible, Puronics® products are only available through Full Service Dealers. They are trained and educated thoroughly in every Puronics® system. You can depend on their knowledge in choosing the ideal system for your home. They will be on hand for installation and service.