Innovation leading to better water

Paul Jobmann - Owner/Founder - Principle Water Filtration Jacksonville Florida
Paul Jobmann – Owner/Founder

As water is essential to life, the quality of water you consume determines your quality of life. It only makes sense to use the highest quality water.

Puronics® manufactures water conditioners, water softeners and other water treatment systems that improve the quality of your water. Our industry-leading technology provides our water systems with the most innovative ways to give you the best water possible.

Our products provide you with the highest level of water treatment in running a household.

Benefits from the use of Puronics® systems:

  • Healthier, softer and smoother skin
  • Clothes that last longer and have brighter colors
  • No more objectionable odors or tastes in your water
  • Great tasting drinking water right from the tap
  • Better tasting food With no lime scale buildup, appliances last longer
  • Cost-efficient operation

Puronics® engineers have developed the most innovative technology to ensure high quality water for your entire home. Our home water conditioners treat any type of water flowing through your home as well as inhibit the growth of bacteria within the filtering unit. When it comes to improving our customers’ water quality, Puronics® takes its commitment seriously. Excellent service and satisfaction is our top priority.

To give you the best service possible, Puronics® products are only available through Full Service Dealers. They are trained and educated thoroughly in every Puronics® system. You can depend on their knowledge in choosing the ideal system for your home. They will be on hand for installation and service.